Kicks Kicked the Competition



Hey Okotoks! When stacked against it's competitors the Kicks came out on top, being named the #1 Subcompact Crossover on! Let our skilled sales team introduce you to all the features that made the Kicks number one in our hearts. 

“But the Kicks did not win this comparison on price and fuel economy alone. We liked its peppy exuberance, decent handling, and ride compliance. Stephanie Wallcraft noted, “It’s not screamingly powerful, but it’s agile and makes popping around through city traffic a breeze.” On paper, the Kick’s 1.6L four-cylinder that makes 125 horsepower and a relatively wimpy 115 lb-ft of torque might not look like much, but this ute’s secret weapon is its featherweight 1,215 kg curb weight. That’s 140 kg less than the next heaviest Mazda CX-3.”