Delivery Package


Our Delivery Package Includes:

Full Tank of Fuel

We’ll fill your vehicle up for you so you can be on your way with no worries!

Full Vehicle Detailing

We’ll ensure your vehicle is cleaned to the highest of standards, inside and out so you can drive away with a great big smile on your face.

Mechanical Fitness Assessment (Used)

All of our pre owned vehicles come with a full mechanical fitness assessment to give you peace of mind motoring. This provincially mandated inspection will be completed by one of our service technicians and the results will be shared with you prior to purchase. We are fully transparent in every aspect during your purchase experience.


Every used vehicle comes with a full Carfax history report. This report will be explained to you prior to purchase and a copy will be given to you at the time of delivery. The Carfax report details each vehicles history with information that has been submitted to Carfax. Information provided in the report includes service records, US history (if applicable) any damage history or theft reports, lien history and past registration.